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Mersey Estuary MarGIS™

Client:             United Kingdom Environment Agency
Delivery:         October 2003

MarCon designed a bespoke estuarine modelling system capable of simulating water and sediment quality in the Mersey Estuary. The modelling system, MarGIS™, simulates nutrients, oxygen, chlorophyll-a, sediments and heavy metals as they are transported through the Mersey Estuary by tidal currents and wind.  It can be used to simulate various scenarios of wastewater discharges and examine their effects on the quality of the water in the estuary.

MarGIS™ is currently being used in the assessment of discharge consents which have been taken forward to the Mersey Estuary SPA Habitats Directive Stage 3 Review of Consents. MarGIS™ provides a user-friendly water quality management system for marine and freshwater environments within a GIS framework. 

The integration of water quality models into GIS provides facilities to create water quality model simulations execute model runs and view the simulation results within a single environment. MarGIS™ operates within the ESRI ArcView environment and includes a detailed on-line user manual.



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